Asparagus Diner

June 22

We go wild with a 5-course asparagus menu that will hug your taste buds. After dinner, we'll kick off the party. Music, dancing and an atmosphere to remember.

Opening beach club Horizon

April 14

Mark the date in your calendar and spread the word to friends and family - we want to make the beach club bustle with you on April 14!

Beach opening party

July 6.

On July 6, we're going to pop with an unforgettable beach party you won't want to miss. Think white sand between your toes, refreshing drinks in hand and the best beats that complete the summer vibe.

Campfire Concerts

  • July 12
  • August 2
  • August 23

Think of the sound of waves in the background, a warm glow from campfires and the most amazing music and artists filling the summer air.

Kantje Lavantje

July 13

Get ready for a day of action, fun and relaxation as an epic Beach Soccer Tournament will be held followed by a delicious drink on the beach!

Wildlife Festival

November 8

Mark November 8 with a bold exclamation point in your calendar, because that's the day of our much-anticipated Wild Party! A culinary spectacle followed by a vibrant party - an evening you don't want to miss.